Basset Hound Long Hair: Characteristics and Care

Basset Hounds are a famous breed of dog that can easily be identified by their signature long ears and short legs. Nevertheless, only a few people know there is also an alternate version with longer hair. This post will provide information regarding the special characteristics of this type of Bassett Hound and outline considerations for delivering optimal care to these lovely dogs.

Breed Characteristics

The Basset Hound Long Hair is a variation of the standard Basset Hound breed and has notable characteristics that set it apart, such as its long and silky coat. This variety differs from its short-haired counterpart in several ways, making it essential to remember these distinctions.

One of the most distinguishing characteristics between Basset Hound Long Hair and its short-haired counterpart is its coat length and texture. The former has a longer, more abundant coating which necessitates additional grooming attention. Additionally, this breed’s fur tends to be soft and satiny when touched – rendering it popular amongst those fond of long-coated breeds.

basset hound long hair breed characteristics
basset hound long hair breed characteristics

However, Basset Hound Long Hair requires frequent brushing and grooming due to its long locks. These can easily become matted or tangled in areas such as behind the ears, under their legs, and around their tail if left unattended, which may cause pain for the animal. Therefore they brushed weekly to prevent any knots from forming.

When it comes to Basset Hound Long Hair, shedding is more than the short-haired version. Regular brushing and bathing are advised to keep healthy skin and reduce fur build-up on furniture and clothing. It will help save their coats in suitable condition while minimizing shedding at the same time.

Many canine fanciers seek it due to their distinct look and generous nature. With sufficient care, these great dogs can evolve into a source of delight that lasts for years in your house.

Health and Wellness

It is of utmost importance to guarantee the good health and general wellness of a Basset Hound with Long hair, just as it would be with any other breed. Regular visits to the veterinarian, adequate nutrition, and appropriate exercise should all form part of their daily routine to maintain optimal physical condition.

It is particularly inclined to ear diseases due to its long, drooping ears, which are likely to trap moisture. Consequently, it is imperative for routine cleaning and grooming of the ears to forestall any possible problems stemming from such a situation. Furthermore, caution should be taken when bathing or swimming since allowing water into the dog’s ear can encourage bacterial growth that could lead to infection.

basset hound long hair health and wellness
basset hound long hair health and wellness

Basset Hound Long Hair breeders must know the potential for hip dysplasia, a genetic disorder affecting the hip joint. It can guide to pain and discomfort and possibly worsen arthritis later in life. Therefore, supporting healthy activity levels and weight management is vital to mitigate this condition or its effects on a dog’s health.

It can be particularly sensitive to obesity, teaching to various health problems, including joint pains and a heart condition. Therefore their diet is closely monitored to regulate body mass index levels and equip them with formal training for optimal well-being.

It is of paramount importance for the health and well-being of it to ensure regular dental care. Consistent brushing and regularly scheduled check-ups with a dentist can help avert harm from tooth decay and gum disease which, if not treated in time, could lead to other medical issues.

Taking good care of a Basset Hound Long Hair is vital for them to remain healthy. Regular visits to the vet and providing adequate food, training, and grooming are key components in preventing health issues while ensuring your dog lives as comfortably as possible.

Training and Behavior

Training and behavior are of the utmost importance for owning a Basset Hound with Long hair. Early socialization and training are essential for optimal results, resulting in a well-mannered and agreeable dog. The Basset Hound Long Hair has an amicable persona but can be obstinate sometimes; they also tend towards independence.

One of the key aspects to remember when training a Basset Hound with Long hair is utilizing positive reinforcement techniques. This methodology focuses on rewarding desired behavior rather than punishing undesirable behaviors, which has proven more effective in canine instruction and bolsters the connection between pet and proprietor.

Patience and consistency are key to successfully training Basset Hound Long Hair. As they may take longer than other breeds to learn new commands, their independent nature can sometimes lead them to resist instruction; however, with the right amount of perseverance and adherence to a consistent routine, it is possible for most Bassets in this category be taught basic obedience behaviors and become well-behaved companions.

basset hound long hair training and behavior
basset hound long hair training and behavior

The Basset Hound Long Hair is generally known for its friendly demeanor; however, certain health issues can harm their behavior. These conditions include hip dysplasia and ear infections, monitored via routine visits to the veterinarian and appropriate care provided to prevent or manage them.

Basset Hound Long Hair may be vulnerable to developing separation anxiety as this breed is typically very attached to its owners. Therefore, they are gradually introduced to being left alone and given a range of activities, such as toys and brain teasers, not to feel isolated when the owner isn’t present.

When contemplating the ownership of a Basset Hound Long Hair, it is essential to consider its training and behavior. Through proper direction and guidance, these canines have the potential to provide numerous years of true love and fidelity.

Lifestyle and Activities

Originally bred to hunt little creatures such as rabbits and foxes, they have increasingly become adored household pets due to their warm-heartedness and tender attitude towards humans. This paper will investigate the most appropriate lifestyle and activities that would benefit dogs with advice from reliable sources like veterinarians or animal behaviorists.

basset hound long hair lifestyle and activities
basset hound long hair lifestyle and activities

Diet and Nutrition

It must accept a balanced diet to remain healthy and content. The American Kennel Club stresses the importance of selecting high-quality dog meals for their age, size, and exercise level. Furthermore, it is suggested to keep an eye on their weight as these breeds are inclined to obesity, which can lead to other health troubles such as joint troubles or heart disease. Therefore, consulting with a veterinarian would be advisable to pick the best possible diet and feeding schedule for your pet’s needs.


Although not supposed to have a high energy level, They are still given daily exercise. The American Kennel Club suggests they receive walks of at least 30 minutes up to an hour daily. Additionally, interacting activities such as hide-and-seek or puzzle toys may deliver cognitive stimulus and physical activity for the breed.


They have a notably short and smooth coat, necessitating the tiniest grooming care. Although they shed moderately, regular brushing is vital to clear loose hair and minimize the risk of matting. In addition, their long ears are checked frequently to forestall potential infections. Furthermore, Dr. Marty Becker (a veterinarian) advocates using dog-specific shampoos when bathing Basset Hounds – doing so helps prevent skin irritation from occurring as well.

Training and Socialization

They are famous for their determination, which can cause them hard to train. Animal behaviorist Dr. Nicholas Dodman outlines that positive reinforcement training practices emphasizing rewards and accolades may be beneficial when teaching a Basset Hound obedience. Furthermore, socializing is vital to avoid timidity and hatred towards other dogs or people.

Health Issues

They are exposed to various diseases, including obesity, hip dysplasia, ear illnesses, and bloat. Dr. Karen Becker (Veterinarian) advises that regular appointments with a vet are the most effective way to prevent or uncover such issues early.

To ensure optimal health, they should receive a nutritionally balanced diet, consistent physical activity, and appropriate grooming. Establishing positive reinforcement exercises and early socializing in their life can help curb unwanted behaviors. Routine examinations with the vet are recommended, too; they will be able to recognize any potential medical conditions before they become serious issues. With an adequate lifestyle that includes great exercises just for this species of dog’s character, they may make perfect partners within the family home.


The Basset Hound Long Hair is an exceptional and captivating breed that demands correct tending. Periodic grooming, preventive health measures, and effective training are indispensable to ensure its well-being. By providing the proper care and affection, your Basset Hound Long Hair can bring long years of joyfulness and camaraderie into your life.


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